Asmita Gardens

An investment of more than 120 mil. EUR private capital, the residential Asmita Gardens project is one of the most expensive in Romania.

Located on Splaiul Unirii, the residential compound consists of seven towers up to 24 floors and comprises 758 flats out of which 350 had already been sold.


Founded in 2000 as a follower of RENEL, Hidroelectrica is the Romanian energy market leader.

Hidroelectrica succeeded on the Romanian energy market due to its practice, credibility and flexibility. At this moment the company is both the main energy producer and supplier and system technological services supplier.

UCM Resita

Industrial Compound Resita was founded on the 3rd of July 1771 by starting operating the first furnace and forging equipment and it is the oldest industry unit in Romania and one of the oldest in Europe. At the beginning of operations the factories were owned by the Austrian Fiscal Authority which managed trough the Banat mining operation.

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